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Finally a counter top cooler that looks like it belongs with other appliances on the counter! Our Nexus CT counter top completes the Nexus family of coolers. It is a full featured cooler with room inside for a filter, but still fits under most cabinets. With an elevated, 11 inch, dispensing height it's a breeze to fill many containers from small cups to bottles. Not only is the design of this counter top water cooler stylish, the self cleaning technology (SIP® Enhanced), in addition to the Accu-Temp, and Stay-Cool technology make it unique to the market place. The i-Boil feature allows the hot water to be taken up to a hotter temperature at the push of a button that is perfect for coffee, teas, soups and other foods and beverages. The Point Of Use model comes equipped with our dependable, dual-mechanical float and lid.

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Model Description Color Cold Tank Hot Tank Dimensions
GCB 215i-SIP Hot & Cold Point of Use with i-Boil and SIP® Enhanced Black 1 Gallon 304 Stainless Steel 1.2L 14.1 x 18.3 x 17.5 30 lbs

GCB 215i-SIP